Dr. Brink joins GGH physician group

Three generations of Dr. Brinks. Dr. Bruce Brink, Jr., and Dr. Bruce Brink, Sr., pose with a picture of Dr. Brink, Sr's, father, Dr. C. Allen Brink.

Longtime community physician Dr. Bruce Brink, Jr., has joined Gibson General Hospital as an employed physician. Dr. Brink started practicing in Gibson County in 1978 when he joined his father, Dr. Bruce Brink, Sr., in private practice.

"Dr. Brink and his family have been long time supporters of Gibson General Hospital, and have provided many generations of Gibson County residents with compassionate, high quality health care," said Emmett Schuster, Gibson General Hospital President & CEO. "We're extremely excited to incorporate Brink's Family Practice into the hospital's group of employed physician practices as we continue to look at ways that we can most effectively meet the healthcare needs of our community."

The Brink family has provided medical care to the community since 1931 when Dr. C. Allen Brink opened his osteopathic physician practice in downtown Princeton. The practice moved into a house located at its current address of 410 N. Main St. in 1949. Dr. Bruce Brink, Sr., joined the practice in 1953. Brink's Family Practice moved into the current building after its completion in 1980. The office includes equipment and fixtures from the original 410 N. Main St. office.

Dr. Brink's office staff has also joined Gibson General Hospital as employees. Patients should expect no disruption in services and they can be assured that they will receive the same outstanding quality care as in the past.

"Many good things are happening at Gibson General Hospital," Dr. Brink said. "This was a wonderful opportunity and it was the right time to make this change, which is beneficial to my patients and my staff."

Please continue business as usual by contacting Brink's Family Practice at 812-386-7522 to schedule appointments.

Dr. Bruce Brink, Jr. and Dr. Bruce Brink, Sr. sign agreements making Brink's Family Practice a member of Gibson General Hospital's physican group. From left: Jim Childers, GGH Vice President & CFO; Emmett Schuster, GGH President & CEO; Bob Gibson, Chairman, GGH Board of Trustees; Dr. Bruce Brink, Jr.; Rebecca Brink; Dr. Bruce Brink, Sr.; Marion Jochim, First Vice Chair, GGH Board of Trustees; Lori Phillips, GGH Vice President & CNO; and Deann Hunt, GGH Director of Human Resources.

Prior to operating out of the 410 N. Main St. apartment building, the Brink's practiced out of this house from 1949-1980, which was located in the current parking lot of the apartment building.

Lori Phillips, GGH Vice President & CNO talks to Dr. Bruce Brink, Sr., about the fireplace, which came from the original 410 N. Main St. house.

Some of Brink's Family Practice employees have a long history of caring for the community as well. Martha Hart (second from left) has worked with the doctors for 53 years. Martha is pictured with (from left) Dr. Bruce Brink, Jr., Dr. Bruce Brink, Sr., and Lori Phillips, GGH Vice President & CNO.